Wastewater treatment technology


Hydrolytic acidification-anaerobic technology (package and equipment)

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal technology (package and equipment)

Aerobic fluidized bed technology (package and equipment)

Membrane bioreactor (package and equipment)

Structure biological filler(Nitrification/Denitrification actived biological filler)


Resource regeneration and advanced treatment technology


High Concentration Organic Wastewater treatment

Refuse landfill Leachate treatment 

High-density clarification technology (package and equipment) 

High-efficiency floating technology (package and equipment)

Selective filtration technology (package and equipment)(Removing Fe, Mn, F) 

Ozonation- biological active carbon technology (package and equipment)

Advanced oxidation technology (package and equipment) 

Photo Catalytic Oxidation technology (package and equipment)

Steel wastewater zero emission technology

Electroplating and electronic wastewater cycle regeneration using technology

Industry wastewater depth purification technology

Deeply treatment and reusing of coking wastewater technology


Membrane separation/Membrane concentration and evaporation system












Zero emission membrane concentration technology

Air compression and evaporation sytem


Sic ceramic membranes/EMBR



Future filtration

Sic Ceramic membranes

Highest flux for any membance 

Chemically inert(ph 0-14)  

Thermally resistant up to 800℃新利体育平台 

Hydrophilic(water loving)

Extremely hard and durable

Back wash on line by gas  

A new generation of three-dimensional electrolyte membrane bioreactor

Major national environmental protection technology and equipment in plan of Twelfth Five

The perfect combination of three-dimensional electrolysis, biological and catalytic oxidation,  membrane separation technology

The best choice of industry water regeneration and reuse

Apply to regeneration and reusing of wastewater in field of coking, paper making, petro chemistry industry, and Pharmacy.


Name of product: Silicon Carbide Ceramic Membrane

Denovo’s SiC membranes and carriers are solely made of porous silicon carbide, SiC is a ceramic compound of silicon and carbon, which is very chemically resistant (pH 0-14) and thermally resistant (up to 800 °C). SiC is one of the hardest known materials, which reduces the wear of the membrane and prolongs the operational lifetime.







Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Name of product: Anti-pollution Reverse Osmosis Component


Membrane component uses a proprietary anti-pollution membrane technology for chemical and physical modification, specifically for the strict pretreatment, it showed excellent anti-pollution ability and cleaning characteristics in the application area of raw water is rich in biological and organic compounds.


Name of product: Ultrafiltration Membrane

Ultrafiltration technology is a membrane filtration method. The principle is that under the room temperature with certain pressure and flow, by using asymmetric microporous structure and semipermeable membrane medium, it is new membrane separation technology by both membrane sides of the differential pressure as a driving force. The ultrafiltration membrane unique characteristic of 0.01 - 0.1 u m pore can effectively detention bacteria, most virus, colloid and silt. In order to achieve the separation, classification, purification, concentration.

Name of product: Photocatalytic Oxidation Reactor

Photocatalytic oxidation reactor is the organic combination of UV-oxidation technology with titanium dioxide catalyzed, achieved to electrochemical oxidation and catalytic technology jointly complete disinfection and microbial control of water quality. Photocatalytic Oxidation is based on TiO2 oxidation ability of hydroxyl radicals, peroxyl radicals and other reactive oxygen catalyst in the ultraviolet or visible role, ultimately make all kinds of pollutants mineralized to water, carbon dioxide and harmless inorganic substance, it is also able to kill bacteria and viruses.

Name of product: EDUR type of high efficiency gas flotation equipment

EDUR type of high efficiency gas flotation is a new technology imported from Germany which is adduced by Shanghai Denovo Enviornmental Protection Co, Ltd, impeller of high efficient dissolved air valve cut air bubble into small dissolved, after through relief valve release into milky dissolved water, bubbles make up flocculation particles floating, diameter of bubble is less than twenty microns, and have a good purification effect for any suspended solids.

This floatation not because refluxing water of anionic surface has too much active agent thus it cause cannot form a dissolved water consequences, but also will not be affected by the temperature, in the meanwhile also overcome weakness about general air floatation required dissolved pressure and dissolved rate of reflux water pump is low, this is a new type of high efficiency and the user worth trusting optional efficient gas floating device.


Name of product: EMBR Membrane Biereactor

● Major national environmental protection technology and equipment in plan of Twelfth Five
● The perfect combination of three-dimensional electrolysis,
● biological and catalytic oxidation, membrane separation technology
● The best choice of industry water regeneration and reuse
● Apply to regeneration and reusing of wastewater in field of coking,paper making, petro chemistry industry, and Pharmacy.